DISCLAIMER: UtherTube is no longer paying out rays!

  • How many Rays do i get paid to upload videos to Uthertube?
  • 1 Ray per video uploaded at a maximum of 1 per day, minimum 45 second video.
  • What are Rays?
  • Rays are the world currency of Utherverse, and can be used for a variety of different things. You can use Rays to purchase items and services in Utherverse, such as clothing or design work. You can use Rays to purchase gifts for other members, or to upgrade yourself to VIP. If you are VIP, you can even buy and sell Rays on the marketplace for real money. You will see your Rays tabulated on your profile home page under "Bank Account", along with a log of how you attained them, called "transaction history".
  • How do I record content to upload on Uthertube?
  • There is a tutorial on this subject available directly on our website at: tutorials/MakeMoviesTutorial/index.html If you do not want to use the software suggested in the tutorial, some members have had success using such programs as Fraps, Game Cam, Taksi, and VH screen Capture by SplitMediaLabs. There are plenty of free screen capture software programs available online, so it is really your choice. Utherverse does not provide support for any downloaded program that we do not ourselves create, so for detailed support on using any of the aforementioned programs, please contact the creators directly. If you do not have the editing software mentioned in the tutorial, Moyea Media also offers a trial version of their editing and converting software, which some members have recommended in the forums.
  • What type of files does Uthertube support, and how large can the file be?
  • We accept any of the following types of video file on UtherTube: * Flash FLV Format * Windows Media Format (WMV,WMV9) * Mpeg4/H264/AVC * Quicktime MOV Format * MPEG2/VOB * 3GP Mobile Video Files must be no larger than 1024 MBs, but it is advisable to compress your file, as a large file will take quite some time to upload.
  • What content is acceptable on Uthertube?
  • Any content related to Utherverse and Red Light Centre, including but not limited to: avatar fashion, activities, business and event promotion, zaby designs, VWW designs, past and future events, tutorials (such as how to design clothing for avatars), avatar sex films, and whatever else you can dream up and create within the virtual world. Go ahead and be funny, creative, dramatic, and release your inner film director. You could even create a full length Utherverse movie!
  • What content is not acceptable, and how will I know if my content was accepted?
  • Uploaded content must be original, meaning that you created it yourself and that you have rights to the content. The Music Videos category is meant for actual videos you record of your avatar or other avatars in a scene with music playing; music videos which you did not create yourself and which do not have relevance to Utherverse will be rejected. Content must also conform to the rules outlined in the terms of service (available here: If your video is blurry or pixelated, it will be rejected as we want to keep the videos on Uthertube watchable and of reasonable quality. Sexual content is acceptable, but will be restricted to the sex category. If your content was accepted, you will see a note on your Uthertube profile that it was approved and you will see the Rays payment (if applicable) in your transaction history on your Utherverse profile. If your content is rejected, you will receive a note on your Uthertube profile with a note explaining why. You will not be paid Rays for a rejected video.
  • Are there any incentives to create quality content that people will want to watch?
  • Yes! If your video gets 500+ views, you get a BONUS of ®5.00. If your video gets 2,500+ views, you get a BONUS of ®20.00. Your first video to get 50,000+ views will earn you a bonus of ®1,000 Rays, and each future video that you upload that gets to 50,000+ views will earn you a bonus of ®100 Rays.
  • Where can I find my video once it is active and approved?
  • While signed into Uthertube, click on the tab “My Videos” and then click on the “Title” of the video you uploaded. Once you click your video title, you will be taken directly to your video. The URL at the top of the screen on this page is also the URL link you can give others if you would like to show them your video.
  • How can I put my video on my profile or website, once it is uploaded onto Uthertube?
  • Beside every live video on Uthertube there is a link to the right that says "Do you like this video? Embed this video for FREE on your website!!!" To show off your video, just click on "Show my Embed code" and copy all of the code into your website or Utherverse profile. If you have any questions which are not included in the FAQ, or you would like to report a bug on Uthertube, please contact by email.
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